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Anna Narishkine

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Anna (Rosanoff) Narishkine, 89, died on May 7, 1989, in her daughter's home in Unity, NH. 


She was born in Russia on April 7, 1900, the daughter of Lieutenant-General Sergey and Maria (Skuratova) Rosanoff, both aristocrats. She married Captain Kiril Narishkin, also an aristocrat and a White Army officer, in Vladivostok, Russia, in 1921, on their way to escape the Soviet Bolshevik regime that was coming to power in the country. 


At that time, the Rosanoff and Narishkine families were friends with Nikolai Sokolov, a lawyer and the first investigator of the murder of Emperor Nicholas II and his family in Ekaterinburg in 1919. Nikolai and his family were also trying to leave Vladivostok, which was overflowing with crowds of refugees. In his possession, Nikolai had a small chest with notes for his book and some pieces of material evidence collected from the crime scene, which he wanted to save for future researchers and historians. So, Anna and Kiril helped him to carry and guard the important chest during their long travel. Both families were able to get and share a cabin on a Japanese military ship, and they went to Japan, and then to Italy. The Sokolovs and Kiril hoped to find a proper safe place for the chest in Italy, and therefore they stayed. But Anna continued alone to France, where in Perros-Guirec, Brittany, she gave birth to a daughter Anastasia. For her heirs, this episode of Anna's involvement in saving evidence about the last days of the Russian Imperial family became a treasured part of their own family history. 


In France, Anna was predeceased by Kiril, who tragically died in 1939. Later, in 1946, Anna emigrated to Argentina with her daughter's family and then, in 1960, to the USA.


Anna's family attended HROC for many years. She was survived by her daughter Anastasia Sarandinaki, her daughter's husband Alexander Sarandinaki, and three grandchildren.


She was buried in Acworth cemetery, Acworth, NH. 

Memory Eternal to a dear lady!

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