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Claudia and Walden Sinawski
Claudia "Clara” Sinawski, 95, died at Sullivan County Home in Claremont, NH, on August 2, 2015. She was born in Claremont on May 19, 1920, the daughter of Samuel (1893-1974) and Helen (1897-1932) (Wiereiko) Kazura, the emigrants from Belarus.


She married Walden F. Sinawski on June 8, 1941, in Claremont, NH, who preceded her in death. She was also preceded in death by her brother, Nicholas, and her son, Gary Sinawski.


Claudia’s mother died, when she was a teenager, and Claudia had to take care of her father and younger brother. When she turned 18, her father had a stroke that left him paralyzed. To support her men, one of whom went to school and another stayed in bed, Claudia started to work as a clerk at the local JCPenny store, where eventually she got raised to the position of the floor manager and worked till her retirement. At the same time Claudia continued to care for her father at home for 20 years. After she married Walden Sinawski, they had a son, Gary, whom they loved dearly and whom they gave a good education. Claudia also was very active socially in the local community and in the church Sisterhood. In 1998, Metropolitan Theodosius awarded Claudia with "Gramota" (a special certificate) for her dedicated service to the Orthodox Church.


She loved gardening, downhill skiing, dancing, and singing. She had a strong and beautiful soprano and was a lead singer in the church choir. This choir became so popular between Orthodox people it went touring with concerts across the country. When Claudia retired, she got herself a red sports car and zoomed around town like an excited youngster. She survived everyone in her family—her parents, brother, husband, and son, but her spirit never wavered into depression and remained strong. She was an amazing lady with a positive attitude. When the glass of her life looked half empty, she didn't soothe herself with the notion that it was still half full; she just worked harder to fill it back to a brim. Memory eternal to dear Claudia and a peaceful repose with the saints!


The funeral services for Claudia were held at Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church and Mountain View cemetery.

A Note from a Friend

Eirene Kacandes


When I saw Claudia the last time, she was especially tender and emotional. I arrived very late because we had a meeting at church, so she'd been waiting a while. But I wouldn't have missed a visit with her if at all possible. I filled her in on some church news, which she always especially enjoyed. Of course, I had a small present for her, and it was a moment I will always treasure when she let me put the gold chain around her neck.


Claudia had told me a lot about her difficult childhood, having to take her mother's place when still only a little girl herself. Her raw and bleeding knuckles from doing the laundry with the washboard. Missing school sometimes and her father being called into account. And, of course, the loss of her brother. Others of her losses I lived through with her: Walden, Joan (what a friend she was to Claudia!), and of course, her son Gary. That broke her heart. And yet on she went. I don't believe I've ever met anyone who accepted life's challenges the way Claudia did. For that reason, I think it makes me especially happy to learn that she fell asleep peacefully. Praise be to God! I knew we couldn't have her with us forever, even as her advanced age made it seem like maybe that was God's plan.


Walden Florian Sinawski of Claremont, 90, died February 13, 2011, at Mount Ascutney Hospital and Healthcare Center in Windsor, VT, following a period of failing health. He was born in Springfield, VT, on December 10, 1920, the son of Stanislaw and Malvina (Clemachowski) Sinawski, emigrants from Poland, and had been a lifetime area resident. 


Walden had been employed by Jones & Lamson in Springfield, VT, as Manager of Manufacturing, Engineering, and Quality Control. 


He was a jack-of-all-trades and could fix or repair just about anything. He remain Roman Catholic but attended the Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church with his wife, sang in the choir and loved to help in the church maintenance. 


He is survived by his wife, Claudia (Kazura) Sinawski, whom he married on June 8, 1941, in Claremont, NH; a son, Gary Sinawski, New York, NY; and several nieces and nephews. 


He was predeceased by a brother, Edward Sinawski, and three sisters, Helen Combs, Dorothy Rayle, and Florence Martin. 


Services were private and held at the convenience of the family. He is buried in Mountain View Cemetery.

Memory Eternal to Claudia and Walden, the HROC founders!

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