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John and Adelaide Shostak
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John George Shostak, 64, died in Claremont, NH, on January 20, 1986. He was born on September 2, 1921, in Claremont, the son of George and Mary (Koms) Shostak, emigrants from Minsk, Belarus.


He served in the U.S. Army as ranking Staff Sergeant from September 30, 1942, to March 28, 1946. 


He married Adelaide Lucille Rosi on August 3, 1952, in Claremont. Although his wife was Italian and Roman Catholic, together they attended the Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church in Claremont. John was an active member of its Brotherhood, and Adelaide participated in all Sisterhood's projects.


A few years before John passed away, they used all of their savings to make a special and memorable trip to Italy, the homeland of Adelaide's parents, which she had never had a chance to visit. When they returned, they overflowed with exciting impressions of their travel and couldn’t stop sharing them with the parish. 


He was survived by his wife. Adelaide died in Claremont on May 18, 1999, aged 73.


Their burials were in Mountain View cemetery. Memory Eternal, dear old friends!

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