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Leo Clement DuMoulin

Leo Clement Tregubov-DuMoulin, born on August 23, 2010, defied the odds. The doctors gave him a few months. Leo gave us 10 years! 10 years of smiles, cuddles, and joy. On February 3, 2021, our beloved Leo passed away. Years of surgeries, doctor's visits, ED trips, and seizures were all challenges he endured. But despite all of this, he brought joy to everyone who met him. He helped us see the wonder of the simple things in life. Family and friends, doctors and nurses, classmates and teachers, and parishioners at Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church, all experienced Leo's joyful spirit. For many he took their hand and pointed them to the light.

A blog, entitled "Little Lion," maintained by his parents chronicles the events and emotions surrounding Leo's short life. It can be found at

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