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Matushka Anastasia Karlgut

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Matushka Anastasia Karlgut, 58, wife of Archpriest Alexey Karlgut, fell asleep in the Lord on the morning of August 25, 2020, after a long battle with cancer.
She was born in Moscow, Soviet Union, on February 28, 1965. When Stacy was seven, her mother and stepfather, Tatiana and Alexander Lechtman, were forced by the authorities to emigrate for their anti-Soviet political activity. In America, since her mother was a music teacher and her stepfather an engineer, they were able to find work on Long Island, NY, and settled there. Stacy and her mother were baptized in Our Lady of Kazan Orthodox Church in Sea Cliff, NY, and remained its faithful parishioners for many years.

Her loved ones will forever remember Matushka Anastasia as a woman of the deepest and strongest faith; a devoted helpmate to her husband; a tireless teacher and example of motherhood to their 12 children and 11 grandchildren; and an incredible Matushka, choir director, and mother and sister in the Faith in the parishes where she served alongside Father Alexey, especially over the past three decades at Saints Peter and Paul Church in Endicott, NY.


Matushka held degrees from Juilliard School of Music and St. Vladimir's Seminary, and as a Registered Nurse, a profession she practiced for many years while homeschooling their children and nurturing their growing family. Father Alexey and Matushka Anastasia celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary this year.


The Funeral for Matushka Anastasia was held on Friday, August 28, at 11:00 am, at Saints Peter and Paul Church, 210 Hill Avenue, Endicott, NY. 


May Matushka Anastasia's memory be eternal!

A Note from the Family


With faith in Christ and hope of Resurrection, we share news of the repose of our beloved Matushka Anastasia Karlgut, who fell asleep in the Lord today, early morning, Tuesday, August 25, 2020.


Grant rest eternal in blessed repose with the Saints, O Lord, to the soul of Thy newly-departed handmaiden, the ever-to-be-remembered Matushka Anastasia, who has fallen asleep in the Lord, and make her memory to be eternal! 


Matushka Anastasia lived her life with one main philosophy. This philosophy was as simple as it gets; however, it is very hard to implement it on a daily basis properly. It goes something like this--in life, we have two choices: 1) we can either Crucify God or 2) we can Glorify Him!! There is nothing in between!! She chose the latter of the two, and she did everything in life that she could to Glorify God via everyday actions. Due to this, Matushka will be forever remembered as a person of God with an unbreakable and unwavering devotion to Orthodox Faith. She will also be remembered for the love she bestowed on all of us!


We want to thank everyone for all the love, prayers, and donations that everyone so generously provided!

A Note from a Friend

Matushka Reba


It was with a sad heart that we learned Mat. Stacy passed away. I have such wonderful and fond memories of times spent together with her at Family Camp and her family's visits to HROC. She will always be a special and beloved friend with whom I instantly connected. God gives us unique gifts and Mat. Stacy is one of those gifts. Memory Eternal dear friend!

A Note from HROC

Some of our parishioners probably remember a sweet teenager from New York, Stacy (future Matushka Anastasia), who spent all of her high school vacations with us in Claremont and helped our church with its first renovation in 1978–80. Her artwork still decorates the lower parts of the altar walls, and her embroidered icon of Christ, the Teacher, placed upon the side church entrance door, blesses all who pass by. Stacy met her husband, Alex Karlgut (future Father Alexey), here on our grounds when he joined the crew of young adults from NY and helped with our HROC projects (particularly woodcarving). And for many years after that, the Karlgut family stayed in touch with our parish. They even lived in Claremont for a couple of years, renting an apartment on Main Street. 


After Fr. Alexey graduated from St. Vladimir's Seminary and received his first parish, they moved to the NY Diocese. They had seven kids of their own and adopted another five from Russia. Our parish helped them with fundraising in two separate, long and complicated adoption processes. Mat. Stacy never lost her zeal and unshakable belief that God's will for these kids is to be a part of her loving family, and she continued to fight for them even when it seemed that the adoption was falling through. And she won—and life and time proved her right. 


With the Saints, give rest, O Christ, to the soul of Thy servant, Matushka Anastasia, and establish her in Paradise. Memory Eternal to the HROC's dear "foster girl"!

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